Who pays for Hospice Care

At Help for Health Hospice, we understand that dealing with finances along with an illness can be overwhelming. We want to make information about paying for hospice care as easy to understand as possible. The following information displays different methods to pay for hospice care.


Medicare provides a hospice benefit that covers the full cost of hospice care. The care covered includes a hospice team to help take care of a patient and provide them with medications and medical equipment to manage symptoms related to their diagnosis.

Medicare covers the following hospice services when related to a hospice diagnosis and pays nearly all of their costs:

  • Nursing care and Certified Nursing Assistant Services
  • Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and walkers
  • Medical supplies, such as bandages and catheters
  • Medications to manage and control symptoms and relieve pain
  • Physical and occupational assessments
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Grief and loss counseling for patients and families
  • 5 day respite stay at the Hospice Home per billings cycle

If you elect the Medicare Hospice Benefit, you do not give up all other Medicare benefits. In order to elect the Medicare Hospice Benefit, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A. However, you may still use all appropriate Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, if enrolled, for the treatment of health problems not related to your hospice diagnosis. When standard benefits are used for conditions not related to hospice, you are responsible for Medicare's deductible and co-insurance amounts.


Wyoming Medicaid has a hospice benefit for patients who qualify for regular Medicaid benefits. Wyoming Medicaid pays for the same hospice services as Medicare. In addition, room and board at our Hospice Home is paid through Medicaid. Room and board is not covered by Medicare.


In most cases, private insurance plans provide a hospice benefit. Deductibles, co-pays, and limits of coverage are set by your policy. Help for Health will verify eligibility for hospice care and any limits that may apply. 


Self-pay rates and payments arrangements are available through our administrative offices.


As an independent, community based, not-for-profit healthcare provider, we offer hospice services if you don't have the resources to pay or do not have insurance. We are committed to providing care to all in need.    


There is a daily room and board fee when utilizing the Hospice Home. This room and board fee is not covered by Medicare. Medicaid, some private insurance policies, and some long-term care policies will pay for room and board. Be sure to check your policy. We consider each individual's financial assists and openly discuss the options of payment for your stay in the Hospice Home.


Hospice patients receive comfort care to help cope with their illness, not cure it. Comfort care includes drugs for symptom control and pain relief, physical care, counseling, and other hospice services. Hospice uses medication, equipment, and supplies to make a patient feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Under the hospice benefit, Medicare won't pay for treatment to cure an illness. Talk with your primary care doctor when considering potential treatment to cure an illness.